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Ice... Ice... Iceland

January 14, 2015

This week’s Hot Spot pick is where Europe meets America.  If you consider yourself an adventurous traveler, than Iceland is the place for you. Active volcanoes, bright green valleys, glacier-cut fjords, black sand beaches, and roaring rivers are the most distinctive features of the Icelandic landscape. And although they are very accessible, they still remain virtually untouched by human civilization.


Despite the name, “ice” only covers about 10% of the land, but still represents the largest glaciers left in Europe. It represents a source of pure water and symbolizes the purity of Icelandic products.


Icelandic is the official language of Iceland. It is an Indo-European language, belonging to the sub-group of North Germanic languages. It is closely related to Norwegian and Faroese, although there are slight traces of Celtic influence in ancient Icelandic literature.


So what is there to do? Plenty! There’s bird watching, whale watching, bike riding, or experience the subliminal waterfalls.  In need of an adrenaline boost, Iceland has you covered.  Perhaps you want to go river rafting in a challenging glacial river? Or diving in some of the unique locations around the country? Ice climbing on a vertical glacial wall? Or surf the open waves of the North Atlantic? Or perhaps you would like to go fishing? What is your preferred catch? Would you prefer lakes, streams or the open ocean? Possibly ice fishing is your thing? Maybe a calm experience at a museum, art gallery or fine dining is more your speed.  Why not try them all!

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